Wilson High, CAMS gain $250K for Career-Tech

As part of California’s recent allocation of Proposition 1D funds, Wilson Classical High School and the California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS) will receive nearly $250,000 in career technical education.
Wilson will use $26,000 in funds to purchase equipment for architecture and construction classes, while CAMS will use $223,800 for engineering and design equipment and tools. The two schools also will match the funds, bringing the total investment at Wilson and CAMS to about a half million dollars.
Equipment at Wilson will help to expand the school’s existing architecture and construction program by offering construction coursework that ties closely to architecture instruction, which more than 250 students participate in each year.
CAMS will purchase computer-aided manufacturing equipment, including a 3-D computer printer and a structure stress analyzer, to help students test the strength of materials. The school also will buy a computer-integrated router to cut wood, plastic and aluminum.
“We’re taking the creativity that students generate on the computer, in terms of envisioning and designing something, and having them turn it into a real product, instead of just doing an exercise on paper,” said Ted Harder, a computer programming, digital electronics and computer-integrated manufacturing teacher at CAMS. About 370 students per year will use the new equipment at CAMS.

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