Letter to the Editor: What’s in a word?

Transparency. Long Beach likes to toss the word around, but, except for the windows, very little is transparent at City Hall. If you have any doubt that your councilmember wishes it to remain this way, you need look no further than last week’s vote when seven councilmembers (Steve Neal was absent) refused to even second Gerrie Schipske’s motion to possibly create a little transparency.
Her proposal was little more than to have a City Council committee “discuss” several measures to shed a little light on whom councilmembers have received money from, have communicated with, or are communicating with regarding a matter before the council.
Pretty tame stuff unless you have something to hide.
In the case of my own councilman, James Johnson, such a measure might reveal why he is so unbelievably supportive of an unpopular Los Cerritos bike path and insists on it having ugly roundabouts and an additional traffic signal that will further add to the blocks-long traffic jams already common on Wardlow Road.

Anita Pettigrew
Long Beach

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