Letter to the Editor: Bicycle-unfriendly?

I am a resident of Los Cerritos, and I support the proposed roundabouts in the Los Cerritos neighborhood.
The roundabouts will beautify and enhance the community, especially the “Gateway to Los Cerritos” at Pacific Avenue, 36th Street and Country Club Drive, and will improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists due to the reduced speed of traffic.
Los Cerritos Neighborhood Association (LCNA) initially opposed the proposed traffic signal at Pacific Avenue and Wardlow [Road], saying it was not needed. However, when the City explained that the traffic signal is required because of the increasing accident rate at this intersection in recent years, LCNA dropped its opposition to the traffic signal.
I understand there will be some reduction in available parking spaces near the roundabouts. However, I believe this concern is exaggerated. David Roseman, City traffic engineer, said he would minimize loss of parking as much as possible.
Currently, I don’t feel safe riding my bicycle in the streets of my community. With the reduced traffic speed on Pacific Avenue as a result of the proposed roundabouts, I would feel safer and will be more likely to get out of my car and use my bicycle more often.
I think LCNA should support what is best for the community as a whole rather than supporting a minority of vocal residents who decided to “just say no” to improving our community.

Hayim Zadaca
Long Beach

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