LB deputy city manager to lead new Department of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communication

Long Beach Deputy City Manager Reggie Harrison will lead the City’s newly created Department of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications, City Manager Patrick West announced Monday.
The department was created by the City Council in the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget to implement the consolidation of emergency communication and dispatch services and to centralize disaster management and preparedness functions in the city. The department also plays a key role in coordinating and managing the city’s Homeland Security grant dollars, working closely with police, pire and all other city departments to use those funds to strengthen the City’s preparedness and responsive capabilities.
“For several years, the City has thoroughly studied the consolidation of emergency communications and dispatch, and we are ready to implement the consolidation,” West said. “Reggie Harrison has proven time and time again his skills in leading complex efforts, and his oversight of this consolidation is critical to its success. We are excited to create this new department under Reggie Harrison’s leadership to provide more streamlined emergency call taking and dispatch services and an enhanced disaster management focus.”
Harrison said he is excited about the new opportunity and challenge. “The creation of this new department will increase the already high level of service we provide to the public,” he said. “Recent national events emphasize the importance of cities being prepared for and responding to emergencies and the ability of our first responders to communicate with one another, as well as with federal and state personnel, is crucial.”

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