Fantastic journeys

<strong>From left to right, speakers Gerald Kim, Richard Chiritz, Nhi Sung and Professor Sheng-Tai Chang. </strong>
Members of the US-China Peoples Friendship Association of Long Beach (USCPFA-LB) and their guests were treated to a seven-course lunch at the Seafood Palace Restaurant in Westminster last Saturday, May 4, after which they were entertained by a trio of students from Professor Sheng-Tai Chang’s Mandarin language class at Long Beach City College. Nhi Sung gave an in-depth talk on “The Tradition of the Beijing Opera,” discussing such elements as story lines, standardized characters, costumes, action moves and the elaborate masks worn by the actors. Examples were demonstrated by a colorful slideshow. Richard Chiritz and Gerald Kim then provided a narration of each of their sojourns into China without the benefit of the standard tours or tour guides. Chiritz would be hired out to perform computer-linked technology jobs on a short-term basis in between his travels to various cities while Kim spent over two years traveling on his own and learning the language on a one-to-one basis with students he hired. The next USCPFA-LB luncheon is scheduled for June 15, during which time Dr. Sing-yung Wu, radiologist at the Long Beach Veterans Affairs Hospital, will talk about “The Chinese Secret Archives of Gold.”



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