Rancho offering children hands-on approach to learning history

<strong>Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site’s “Summer Adventures” are weeklong historically themed camps for children ages 6 to 11– designed to allow today’s urban children to learn about history through hands-on activities.</strong>
Rancho Los Cerritos Historic Site, 4600 Virginia Rd., will host “Summer Adventures,” weeklong historically themed camps for children ages 6 to 11, beginning July 15. The camps, which are designed to allow children who live in urban areas to learn about history by “doing” history, will include historic crafts and activities, games, stories, and special guests.
The camps will be conducted in three sessions: Vaquero Adventures, from July 15 to July 19; Old-Time Adventures, from July 22 to July 26; and Adobe Adventures, from July 29 to Aug. 2.
In Vaquero Adventures, children will learn about cattle-ranching and fiestas by designing brands, churning butter, drawing diseño maps, cutting papel picado and making tortillas. They will also get to try roping a (fake) cow, tooling real leather, punching tin and dancing to 19th Century music at an end-of-week fandango.
Old Time Adventures will focus on children’s activities in the late 19th Century. Modern children will make their own toys, learn how to découpage, scrub clothes on a washboard and wringer and walk on stilts. They will also play marbles, dip candles and enjoy a formal Victorian tea party.
During Adobe Adventures, children will stomp mud, sculpt with clay, plant seedlings and make birdhouses. They will also explore the Rancho’s gardens by going on a scavenger hunt, playing croquet and making mud pies. A storyteller will also share tales of nature.
For questions regarding cost, and the limited number of scholarships available, call (562) 570-1755.

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