Letter to the Editor: On the rebound

Thanks to a rebounding economy, tough decisions made by Democratic legislators and voter approval of a temporary tax increase, our state budget has reached stability. In an effort to maintain these positive gains and strengthen our state, Assembly Democrats have created the “Blueprint for a Responsible Budget,” a set of guidelines for lawmakers as we craft the state budget in time for the June 15 deadline.
As California’s budget process moves into high gear with the Legislature working to pass a final, balanced budget by June 15, I, along with other Assembly Democrats will focus on these key aspects of the Blueprint:
• Continuing fiscal responsibility, including passing a balanced budget, paying down our debt and creating a rainy-day fund to protect from future economic downturns
• Strengthening the middle class by increasing access to education for all students, investing in small businesses and providing a safety net to get people back on their feet and contributing to the economy
• Delivering effective, efficient services for Californians by ending red tape and bureaucratic delays for businesses, veterans and all Californians including shortening processing times for business filings
If you have any questions about the budget, the Blueprint or legislation, please call my office at (916) 319-2070, or to read the Blueprint [visit http://asmdc.org/issues/budget-blueprint].
Also please make sure to spread the word by texting, tweeting and posting. Time is short, so we need to generate as much support as possible as quickly as possible.
With your help we can slash college fees by 40 percent and help more families once again afford higher education in California.

Bonnie Lowenthal
California State Assembly
70th District

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