Thoughts from the Publisher

by Neena Strichart

Those of us who grew up with pets remember the conversation leading up to pet ownership as follows:

Kid: Please, let me have a (dog, cat, chicken, monkey, lizard, snake, fish, etc.); I promise to take care of it.
Parent: No! I will end up caring for the animal, and I don’t want to argue about this.
Kid: Oh, please, please, please. I prommmmiiiissse I will (walk, feed, brush, or poop scoop) every day.
Parent: Well, you better, or we’re going to find another home for (Fluffy, Dodger, Spot, Spike, Princess or BoBo).

For many of us kids, other than checking out a book at the library, we didn’t have much guidance on pet husbandry. Nowadays, children can learn how to care for their pets at school, from watching pet-related television shows, through online resources and, of course, by reading library books, which are still great reference materials.
Tomorrow, dog lovers of every age will have a great opportunity to learn everything they ever wanted to know about canines up close and in person at the City of Signal Hill’s annual Hounds on the Hill, promoted as a free event for pets and their people. The festivities take place at Signal Hill Park, 2175 Cherry Ave., from 11am to 2pm.
According to Community Services staff members, the day will be packed with things to do and pet people to meet. Besides low-cost, on-site vaccines, licensing and microchipping for your favorite pooch, there will also be free arts and crafts, a bounce house for the kids, a doggie parade, an interfaith animal blessing and more than two dozen vendor booths.
It is my understanding that the vendors will include pet-sitters, grooming facilities, pet stores, pet-food folks, pet photographers, veterinarians and other doggie-type experts.
I will be there strolling around with our dog Zoe, a pug-beagle mix, who has a very charming attitude and a heck of an underbite. Steve, on the other hand, will be there with our two rescue greyhounds, Mimi and Phoebe, as part of a group who loves to teach the public about the joys of greyhound ownership.
The weatherman has predicted that tomorrow will be a beautiful day, so I look forward to seeing all of my pet pals and their human companions catching a few rays at Hounds on the Hill.

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