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By Neena Strichart

I am a lucky lady. My sweet husband Steve never forgets my birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. He may not shower me with untold riches on such occasions, but heck, I’m just glad he remembers.
We all hear tales of wives, girlfriends, and fiancées who complain about forgotten special occasions. Even though they drop hints, circle the dates in red on the calendar or go through other obvious attempts at reminding their significant others, the guys just sometimes don’t take the hint. One wonders if the faux pas are really due to faulty memories, or if apathy is the real culprit. Now, thanks to Remember Ring, you can find out!
What, you may ask, is Remember Ring? According to Alaska Jewelry website
The Remember Ring™ utilizes patent pending Hot Spot™ technology to deliver a reminder that it’s “That time of the year again!”
Twenty-four hours before your special day, the Hot Spot™ on the interior surface of your Remember Ring™ will warm to 120º F for approximately 10 seconds, and continue to warm up every hour, on the hour, all day long!
Hot enough to cause discomfort but not hot enough to burn, the Remember Ring™ is impossible to ignore! It’s maintenance free! Using a micro thermopile, The Remember Ring™ converts the heat from your hand into electricity, keeping the battery charged and microchip clock running perpetually. Just specify your anniversary date when you order, and we’ll program your ring for you. Set it and forget it-until your anniversary!
Now, before you get all excited, the Remember Ring is not available; it is merely a concept being publicized by Cleve Oines of Alaska Jewelry. Located in Sitka, Alaska, hence the name of the company, Cleve told me recently that although many websites, newspapers and television stations have touted his brainchild wedding band as being in production and available for just under $800 each, in reality it is just an idea looking for a tech partner. “Maybe one day if the technology catches up, we’ll be able to make it,” said Cleve in a phone interview with me on Wednesday afternoon.
Looking at his website and finding the page dedicated to the Remember Ring, one would think it was the real deal– until the red lettering is spotted at the bottom of the page informing viewers that THIS IS A CONCEPT PRODUCT– IT IS NOT CURRENTLY IN STOCK.
How did I hear about Remember Ring? Wednesday morning I learned about it while watching the local morning news. The anchor person gave a few details and claimed that the product was available for purchase. I decided to check it out and am glad I did. Who knows? Maybe one of our readers is just the tech partner Cleve is looking for!

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