City auditor encourages local taxpayers to spend their refunds in Long Beach

During this tax deadline week, Long Beach City Auditor Laura Doud suggested that Long Beach residents who plan to spend a tax rebate or income tax refund should spend in Long Beach and keep their tax dollars at home.
Earlier this year, Congress passed and President Bush signed an economic stimulus package that will send U.S. citizens up to $600 for individuals and $1,200 for couples. Checks will begin arriving in mailboxes in early May for those who qualify and file their tax returns by April 15.
“Sales tax revenue is a huge portion of our city’s budget, and I want to remind all our residents that Long Beach has great shopping and dining opportunities that the whole family can enjoy,” said Doud. “Long Beach has so many fantastic places to go and things to do, I want to encourage our residents to take advantage of everything our city has to offer.”
For information on the many Long Beach retail opportunities go to the city auditor’s Web site and click on the link to “Shop, Dine and Tour Long Beach” to be connected to the Long Beach Visitors Bureau Web site.
This effort to keep sales tax dollars in Long Beach is part of a concentrated effort by the city auditor to generate new revenue for the city to help balance a projected budget deficit facing Long Beach next year.
“I am committed to identifying new and creative methods to bring revenue to our city to help reduce the deficit and prevent major budget cuts or tax increases. Keeping sales tax revenue in Long Beach through spending tax rebates and refunds here locally is just a part of this larger effort,” Doud said.
“I hope this will create new long term shopping habits for our residents that will allow people to enjoy our city as well as generate more sales tax revenue.”

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