Goya enters run for 70th Assembly seat as only Republican in race so far

<strong>John C. Goya</strong>

John C. Goya

John C. Goya, chief operations officer of West Ocean MD Industrial Clinics, announced during a June 7 Long Beach Republican Women Federated meeting that he will run for 70th District Assembly.
Goya has worked within aviation, insurance, manufacturing, food processing and as a longshoreman, as well as having worked with multiple government agencies in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Australia, according to a statement issued by his campaign team.
John is a chemical engineer by education and trained to “assess risk and prevent loss,” according to the statement.
“I believe the people of California are sickened and greatly concerned, as am I, at being 49th out of 50th in business and 48th out of 50th in education, though second out of 50th in educational spending,” Goya said. “We have become a less desirable state for doctors and providers to practice in, and this has caused fewer choices of medical care for our citizens. I am the only candidate running that has not been entangled in the present government, a system which is currently broken. I have faith that voters will choose the best qualified candidate, not just elect by party lines. As an American citizen and a resident of Long Beach, it is my responsibility to campaign and safeguard the quality of life for all the people in the 70th District. I quote President Bill Clinton when I say the future is not an inheritance; it is an opportunity and obligation.”

Source: Goya campaign

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