Letter to the Editor: Expo-sing the community’s kindness

June 2 was a night David and I will always remember. Almost a month has passed, and we are still so blown away by our community’s kindness and generosity. We are truly blessed and couldn’t be more proud to live and grow in this great city inhabited by so many wonderful souls.
The benefit at the Expo Arts Center included five great musical groups. It had food stations from some of the best restaurants in the area. Local artists graciously donated artwork to be sold at silent auction; gifts from local merchants were packaged and sold as well. Local papers, including Neena at the Signal Tribune, donated ad space and wrote articles promoting the benefit. It was a fantastic evening that was spearheaded by community volunteer and great friend China Boyce. She organized a committee of Bixby Knolls residents to help raise money to pay for David’s medical bills; he had no insurance when he became ill.
David’s health had improved so much that he had just been released after almost three months in the hospital. He really wanted to attend the benefit and thank people for all their support while he was hospitalized. The day of the event, people were amazed to see David’s return after being close to death for so long. He stood or sat in the Gallery Expo, away from the big crowd, for over two hours as a steady stream of over 400 people stopped by to talk with him or hug him or just stand back and look at him with tears in their eyes.
I know that I kept people in the loop on Facebook, but we never would have thought that our community would come to our aid like this one did. We know we can’t thank you all enough, but we can promise to continue to give all that we can to our community and to try to be there for you whenever we can.
The money raised from the benefit will be kept in a fund and used, when the dust settles, to pay down remaining hospital debt and keep us in our home.

Douglas Orr
Long Beach

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