Letter to the Editor: Will they come?

A local newspaper publisher claims Long Beach will build absolutely anything if our City can obtain a grant to pay for it. An exaggeration? Maybe. But offhand I can think of a couple of real doozies.
Remember the yellow low-pressure-sodium street lights which were absolutely awful? Not only did they make everything in town look ugly, police couldn’t tell the color of a vehicle or a suspect’s clothing– a real public-safety nightmare. Still, since they were free, Long Beach installed them widely.
The City’s current grant-driven folly is evermore creating bicycle lanes, even though they are rarely used. “Build it and they will come” isn’t always true. When official Long Beach finally realizes this, and the loss of traffic lanes has produced enough traffic jams to put a number of local businesses out of business, let’s hope the City can obtain a grant to restore the traffic lanes.

Anita Pettigrew
Long Beach

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