Long Beach Vice Mayor Robert Garcia enters mayoral race

<strong>Screen capture of YouTube video in which Long Beach Vice Mayor Robert Garcia announces his candidacy for mayor</strong>
Shortly after emailing a response to the Signal Tribune’s inquiry for a statement regarding Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster’s announcement that he won’t seek re-election, Vice Mayor Robert Garcia sent out another email with a subject line stating “I Have a Big Announcement.” In the email was a brief statement and a link to a YouTube video in which he announced his candidacy for mayor.
In the video, which Garcia released one day after Foster’s announcement, the vice mayor declares that he is entering the race to become Long Beach’s next mayor. “Our people here in Long Beach are great,” he says. “They work hard, they raise their families, and they want to make their community better. See, I believe that our best days in our city are ahead, and that’s why today I’m announcing that I am running for mayor of Long Beach.”


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