Local exhibit lets artists express their strong political views

<strong>“Team USA,” mixed media on plywood by Hugh van der Linden and Jill Hunter</strong>

“Team USA,” mixed media on plywood by Hugh van der Linden and Jill Hunter

Picture This Gallery, 4130 Norse Way, is currently hosting an exhibit entitled In God We Tru$t, in which local artists have been invited to express their political views.
One of the pieces, called “War Criminals,” is a digital image created by Preston Craig that depicts seven key members of the Bush administration blatantly labeled as the perpetrators of the Iraq War. “‘War Criminals’ is a piece I created to depict my outrage that none of the people responsible for getting America into a needless conflict that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives, both domestic and internationally, and which has left that part of the world in political turmoil, which has helped generate more terrorists, have been criminally charged or brought to justice for the lies they perpetrated on the American public,” Craig said. “That there are still people who support those lies and the decisions that caused so much pain and suffering in the world, is mind-boggling.”
“Team USA” is a mixed-media piece on plywood that was a joint creation by Hugh van der Linden and Jill Hunter. It is an unorthodox re-imagining of the portraits of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson and Alexander Hamilton, who appear on the five-, 20- and 10-dollar bills, respectively.
The show will be on display through Saturday, July 27. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday from noon to 7pm and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. Admission is free.

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