Letter to the Editor: Fostering care

Thank you for introducing your readers to our Extraordinary Families–Extraordinary Children campaign to find caring foster families for vulnerable children who need stable and loving homes now [“Nonprofit launches campaign to recruit and train foster parents of children needing therapeutic care,” July 26, 2013]. Our campaign addresses the urgent needs of children and youth who are most at risk in foster care and who confront some of the toughest realities after leaving care.
We would greatly appreciate hearing from individuals or families willing to open their homes to a child in need. To learn more, please visit our website (extraordinary-families.org), where those who have volunteered to become a foster parent describe the difference they have made in children’s lives and what fostering a child has meant to them. For more information, please call us at (323) 549-3426.

Andrew Bridge
Executive Director
Child Welfare Initiative

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