Commentary: It’s not just about time at this gem of a jewelry-repair shop

Sean Belk/Signal Tribune<br><strong>Rush-a-Fix at 495 West Willow St.</strong>

Sean Belk/Signal Tribune
Rush-a-Fix at 495 West Willow St.

By Betty Karnette

Rush-a-Fix at 495 West Willow St. is a friendly local shop in the Wrigley area that is frequented by local residents. They know this is a dependable shop that is open Monday through Saturday from 11am until 6pm with well-informed people behind the glass storefront.
There is also interesting jewelry available at this local business where safety measures are in place. For example, you must push a buzzer to enter through a glass door, and the person inside can easily see who is present. This kind of attention to detail lets the customer know that the owner understands that this is one way to keep our communities safe. Rush-a-Fix is doing its part.
A huge chart is posted on the wall that gives the customer a list of what repairs are available. With the help of an assistant, you can see the way to having your problems solved. The list is as follows: watch bands and adjustments, watch batteries, eyeglasses repairs, jewelry accessories, gemstones, all jewelry and watch repairs, engraving, ring sizing, restringing, refurbishing of jewelry and watches, and rhodium plate.
The prompt responses to customers’ needs are the result of the owners’ 20 years in the jewelry business. Their honest approach puts customers’ needs first. If it is discovered that batteries are the problem, then the charges are based on the cost of the batteries and the value of the watch as well as the actual labor involved. Since 80 to 90 percent of the time, batteries are the problem with watches, this is an important fact of which the customer should be aware.
There are many types of watches. There are also many types of jewelry that may have a “timepiece” component, and 20 years of experience makes a difference in quality of service. That’s why Rush-a-Fix is so popular in the neighborhood. Residents know that the experience required for jewelry repair is special. Rush-a-Fix, you are a business that is appreciated by the Wrigley community.
Time pieces and jewelry often have very special meanings along life’s journey. It’s rarely the monetary value of an item that make a piece valuable to the owner. It’s the memories and sentiment that are attached.
Therefore, watch and jewelry repair will always be important to a society. Rush-a-Fix jewelers know this. They are happy to be on Willow Street, and the locals are very happy to have them.

Betty Karnette is a Wrigley resident as well as a retired California state assemblymember and state senator.

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