Long Beach PD offers security tips to small business owners

During the last few months, there have been multiple burglaries to businesses throughout Long Beach. The suspects gain entry to closed businesses by first defeating ineffective or broken locks, doors, or windows of businesses that are vacant or under construction. Then, once inside, they break through the wall to access the adjoining business, which they burglarize of cash and merchandise.
The Long Beach Police Department would like to encourage business owners and employees to practice the following crime prevention tips in order to protect their businesses from crime:

• Keep ladders, pallets, crates and other items that thieves can use to gain access to rooftops secured and away from the building.
• Secure alarm boxes, phone lines, and cameras to prevent wires from being cut (or other tampering) that prevents them from being operational.
• Maintain security cameras regularly by replacing the tape and cleaning the lens frequently, and view recordings regularly to check clarity. Upgrading to a digital system greatly assists law enforcement, and both external and inside cameras are highly recommended. Set digital cameras to high resolution.
• All employees should be able to access the surveillance video so that it can be obtained by the responding officers and examined in a timely manner.
• Consider installing an audible alarm system; motion sensor alarms are very effective. Visible signs of an alarm system (placards, window stickers) are deterrents, and a loud alarm is likely to scare off an intruder in the act.
• Trim trees and shrubs near windows and entrances to eliminate hiding places, and be sure the area around the business has adequate lighting.
• Do not keep large sums of money at the business, and empty the cash register every night, leaving the drawer open and the empty cash tray visible. Keep a current inventory of all merchandise, including serial numbers, which ensures the return of stolen property that is recovered.
• If your business is burglarized, prevent contamination of possible evidence by preventing anyone from entering the crime scene area before police can secure it.

The department’s Business Watch program provides police with owners’ after-hours contact information, among other benefits.
Call (562) 570-7274 for more information about the program.

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