Congressmember Lowenthal calls on constituents to weigh in on Syria

Congressmember Alan Lowenthal (D–Long Beach), who represents the 47th District, released the following statement upon returning to Washington, D.C. to receive a classified briefing and attend a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the potential use of U.S. military force against Syria:
“I am eager to be briefed on all of the facts, military options, and alternatives to a strike before making my decision on how the U.S. could address chemical-weapons attacks in Syria. I agree that human-rights violations, including the use of internationally banned chemical weapons, must be addressed. However, as a member of Congress, it is my duty to become as informed as possible before making any and all decisions related to the possible use of military force in Syria.
The President was wise to consult Congress– the representatives of the people– on his proposal for a strike. It is now up to me and my colleagues to gather the facts, weigh the pros and cons, listen to our constituents, and move forward in the legislative process as laid out in our Constitution.
I urge my constituents to continue calling my offices, writing to me to share their concerns and opinions, and weighing in on social media. In order to make the best possible decision, I will need to hear from everyone.”

Source: Alan Lowenthal’s office

One thought on “Congressmember Lowenthal calls on constituents to weigh in on Syria

  1. This another violation of International Law and by attacking will not help the people in Syria but rather making it worst not better for the people and it will lead to more problem rather than solution. Instead of spending more on Military Industrial complex, the money must be spend here,first to all veterans here at home that are homeless and need help. We are in Economic depression ,the money can best use to bailout the people rather than the big corporation. As a former U.S. Marines Corps, I, demand to stop all wars and make peace.

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