Letter to the Editor: Sticking to it

The BKBIA recently began a new business-safety program for the district by issuing these stickers to all members. (See below.)
The suggestion came from one of our business owners, and we asked Red Eye Media if they could design and print up something for us.
We have been delivering them door-to-door with the help of the guys at Red Eye Media and CSI Patrol Service who are out three to four times a week for us. We would like to see the stickers on every location in the district.
It’s a district-wide business-watch type of program. The goal is to have every business display the sticker to reinforce the district-wide program and to actually encourage every business owner to look out for his/her neighbors. The Long Beach Police Department (LPBD) really stresses the importance for the businesses to call in anything they find suspicious. How busy the police units are at the time will determine the response time, but we have been very fortunate with North Division to respond immediately to our calls.
It’s just one more way of creating safety awareness in the district with the occasional petty incidents that happen along any commercial corridor. We have been working hard to light up the corridors and added the security patrols to keep the district safe. We hire local electrician Kelly Bray to knock on every door and ask business or property owners if we can replace light bulbs, install more lights, or just to have the lights set on timers to stay on later in the night. Lighting, patrols and continued communication with LPBD make up a part of our “clean and safe” line item of our Bixby Knolls work-plan projects.

Blair Cohn
Executive Director

Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association

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