Letter to the Editor: What’s the right path?

In a Signal Tribune article on Sept. 6, “LB’s network of bikeways slowly coming together, connecting with nearby cities,” City Traffic Engineer Dave Roseman claims the City’s survey showed broad support for a bike lane through Los Cerritos, including roundabouts on Pacific Avenue and a new traffic signal at Wardlow Road and Pacific Avenue. The Los Cerritos Neighborhood Association (LCNA) says their survey showed just the opposite.
Which are you to believe? Maybe both. But LCNA counted only the votes of local residents– those who would be impacted by the changes to their neighborhood. Anyone who attended a community meeting could vote in the city’s poll, including a lot of bicycle club members. It’s easy to vote yes for a project that’s going to negatively affect someone else’s neighborhood.
I call on Councilmember James Johnson, who wants to be our next city attorney, to show some integrity and settle this by conducting an honest vote of actual residents– not just anyone who shows up.

Anita Pettigrew
Long Beach

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