Letter to the Editor: Good news first

I am thrilled to announce that on Friday, Sept. 6, a baby girl was safely surrendered at a local hospital. She was the 108th newborn to be safely surrendered in Los Angeles County. Though this was a joyous moment, the week began with some very somber news. Last Thursday, a newborn baby boy was found abandoned in South El Monte.
The facts surrounding what happened to this baby are still under investigation, but what is known is that an innocent child was abandoned by a mother who felt like she had no other options.
Appalling tragedies like what occurred in the South El Monte are stark reminders to mothers in desperate situations that there is always a choice for their baby. Sadly, the first newborn abandonment of 2013 came at a time when we are preparing to launch a campaign refresh of our Safe Surrender materials.
The Safe Surrender program was created to give a mother, no matter what the situation, a safe, secure and anonymous way to get her child into safe hands– at any fire station or hospital, anytime– and to protect a baby from abandonment: no shame, no blame, and no names.
Though 108 lives have been saved by the Safe Surrender program, last week’s disheartening news is proof that we have much more work to do.

Don Knabe
LA County Supervisor
Fourth District

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