USPS official says consolidation of LB mail processing with LA facility went ‘smoothly’ 1

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One thought on “USPS official says consolidation of LB mail processing with LA facility went ‘smoothly’

  • David M

    These consolidations are taking place all over the United States of America. We are told this is being done to save money for the United States Postal Service and balance the budget for the postal service by reducing the the number of post offices, and increase profits. From 1995 t0 2005 the number of post offices decreased from 28,392 to 27,385 while profits decreased. This means that reduction in the number of post offices does not always increase profits. The local post office has already been consolidated, so why should you worry about this issue?

    The answer is that we need to prevent what happened in Prairie City, South Dakota from happening in other small towns across the United States of America. After the Prairie City post office was consolidated, the residents had to drive 40 mile to get their mail at the post office. The question then becomes: How can we prevent this from happening?

    In order to balance the post office budget and maintain or increase current services, more income is needed. The easiest and simplest way to do this is to increase the rate for First Class first ounce to 50 cents. Other postage, services and fees for all other classes of mail should be increased by 5% to 10%. This would increase profits and enable the balancing of the postal budget. The local post office is an essential community asset that should not be disposed of just to balance budgets. The whole postal system needs to increase policies of mutual economic support so that the whole postal system is supportive of the whole and can be maintained intact.

    In addition to the postage, services and fees increases proposed above, I also urge that there be adopted a special rate to write your congressman or senators. The rate would be 2 cents per ounce and have a photo of your congressman or senators on it. Special envelopes with the picture of your congressman or senators should also be available for this purpose. This would simplify processing this mail, and save money, as well as promote public participation!