Art exhibit to open doors to secret places

“At the Flower Market” by Ghislaine Gargaro

“At the Flower Market” by Ghislaine Gargaro

The contemporary-art gallery Les Jolis Trésors, 3226 E. Broadway, is currently hosting Jardins Secrets (Secret Gardens), a group show in which three artists present artwork that depicts places (mental or physical) that one cultivates in private. The three artists will be Annie Clavel, Ghislaine Gargaro and Karin Swildens.
Clavel says emotion is key to her work. “My paintings always show energy and movement,” Clavel said. “While playing with colors, shapes and textures, my intent is to share my emotions.”
Gargaro focuses on illumination. “When I get ready to paint, I look for the light line that illuminates my subject, but I also look at the life line that colors every object with beauty and excitement. Then I start.”
Swildens finds happiness in bringing the abstract into three-dimensional form. “My bliss is to choose an idea, follow it, track it, catch it, keep it and cover it with layers of clay,” she said, “so it becomes a shape, a solid form, that we can see with our naked eyes.”
The exhibit will be on display through Nov. 16. A closing reception will be on Thursday, Oct. 17, from 5pm to 9pm.
Les Jolis Trésors opened its doors in the Long Beach Broadway district in December 2009. Clavel, the owner and curator, is a French artist who has lived in Long Beach since 2006. Her gallery specializes in showcasing contemporary art by local artists: paintings, sculptures, ceramics and wearable art.
For more information, visit or call (562) 735-4060.

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