LB City Council approves formation of Uptown business district

After about three years of organizing by north Long Beach property owners, the Long Beach City Council voted Oct. 8 to approve the formation of an Uptown Property and Business Improvement District (PBID), according to 9th District Councilmember Steve Neal’s office. The venture is a joint project undertaken by the Uptown Property & Community Association, 9th District Councilmember Steven Neal, 8th District Councilmember Al Austin and the North Long Beach Business Alliance.
The intention behind the PBID, which will become effective on January 1, 2014, is to foster economic development, security, and maintenance along the Atlantic Avenue corridor, according to Neal’s office. Specifically, the targeted area will be Atlantic Avenue, between Artesia Boulevard and Market Street, and Artesia Boulevard, between Atlantic and Orange avenues.

The Uptown Property and Community Association (UPCA) will be the new nonprofit organization that will administer the PBID, which will have an annual budget of $188,367, according to Neal’s office. The Board of Directors of the UPCA, currently in formation, will manage the newly formed district.

“We have seen such benefit from the great work of BIDs in Long Beach neighborhoods like Bixby Knolls and downtown,” Neal said. “With the loss of redevelopment, this new district will be a crucial tool to bring economic vitality and a sense of community pride to north Long Beach. I applaud the Uptown Property and Community Association, commercial property owners, businesses and all of the stakeholders on the formation of this historic new PBID.”
Yanki Greenspan, principal at Westland Real Estate group and an uptown property owner, said the PBID’s formation is emblematic of the dedication of businesses in the area.
“This district represents the commitment of north Long Beach property owners to the revitalization of our business corridors and the entire community,” Greenspan said. “We had a spirited discussion amongst stakeholders, and [Tuesday’s] vote was a major leap in the right direction.”

Austin expressed enthusiasm about the potential of the business district. “I am encouraged by the positive support of the property owners in the Uptown PBID,” Austin said, “and I look forward to the positive accomplishments that our property owners, business, and the City will be able to achieve together along these key commercial corridors.”

Source: Neal’s office

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