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 Neena Strichart/Publisher

Neena Strichart/Publisher

Although the lyrics of Billy Joel’s song “I Go to Extremes” are a bit dark and apologetic, I certainly relate to the title of the ditty. My life is full of extremes.

One day I may be taking out the trash while wearing my bathrobe, while the next I am dressed in all my finery going to a theatre premiere. I could find myself seated in my car eating Taco Bell offerings for lunch on one occasion and then later that day be out enjoying dinner at a deluxe restaurant.

Steve and I love our crazy lives of extremes. One of our favorite examples took place during a trip we made to Las Vegas nearly 20 years ago. We were only going to be able to stay for one night, so I planned ahead and made reservations for us for a Saturday night at the then very prestigious Mirage Hotel. As a special birthday treat, I had even made arrangements for us to see the Sigfried and Roy stage show for the same night.

Several days before we were to head to “Sin City,” I was informed that I could have an extra day off from work and would be able to head out for our trip a day early. Quickly calling the hotel and attempting to reserve our room for two nights instead of just one was met with disappointment. There were no rooms available for that particular night at the Mirage. I then scrambled trying to find a room, any room. I eventually settled on the local Motel 6. Back then, the Motel 6 was a bare-bones type of establishment. One paid extra for television, and all outgoing calls were made from the pay phone in the lobby.

So, the first night of our trip we pretty much participated in my version of camping– a hotel stay without a refrigerator or terrycloth robes, while drinking soda from cans we bought near the laundry room. Night two, we stayed in a beautiful suite on the famous Las Vegas strip sipping champagne and admiring the view.

The past few days have indeed been an exercise in extremes. Saturday evening Mom and I had the honor of attending the VIP grand opening of Signal Hill’s new Applebee’s Restaurant. As the event’s title promised, it certainly was fit for VIPs. The food was lovely, and the service was superb. We are so lucky to have such a stellar establishment invest in our little city.

On Sunday, I attended the monthly meeting of my Daughters of the American Revolution chapter, Susan B. Anthony. Those in attendance were treated to a program given by a woman who explained the history of the apron. Later that evening, I spent two hours in a tattooist’s chair getting part two of my new tattoo (parts three and four are yet to come).

Monday evening’s festivities, not to be outdone by Sunday’s apron program (although it most certainly did), included an over-the-top experience of dining at Forbidden City restaurant in Long Beach with dozens of people representing China, including Bu Xiaolin, the Vice-Chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Also attending were film-development people from Los Angeles who were there promoting their newest project, a movie depicting the life of Genghis Khan. (I will share more about the experience with you in my column next week).
Tuesday evening I went to a rather non-eventful, although informative meeting of the Signal Hill City Council.

In my opinion, it was a welcome rest after the events of the previous night. Wednesday night was spent visiting and dining with Mom at Bixby Knolls Towers, and yesterday I enjoyed the 3rd annual We Can Do It! Luncheon & Awards sponsored by the Long Beach Rosie the Riveter Foundation. There I had the opportunity to rub elbows with honorees such as Martha Thuente, Doris Topsy-Elvord, Mary Lynn Sophiea and Elinor Otto.

Keep in mind that I am not complaining or bragging about my busy and extremely diverse schedule but merely sharing with you, my gentle readers, of what I consider to be anything but a boring life. I am truly blessed! How was your week?

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