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Neena Strichart/Publisher

 Neena Strichart/Publisher

Neena Strichart/Publisher

Last week, I wrote about all my recent gallivanting and promised to share a bit more about the dinner I attended the evening of Oct. 14 at Forbidden City Restaurant in Long Beach. What I expected to be a quiet dinner with a few dignitaries, including the Vice-chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Bu Xiaolin, turned out to be a party celebrating a signing deal for a new feature film about Genghis Khan. I didn’t really know much about what I was witnessing when all of the guests first arrived, but I was sure clued in after a couple of hours, dozens of delicious dishes and a few announcements.
Once the short speeches were over, the quite sophisticated attendees broke out for Karaoke and a bit of dancing. I even took a turn on the dance floor myself, doing “the twist” with the guest of honor Bu Xiaolin. What a lovely lady.
We, my editor Cory Bilicko and I, were initially invited to the soiree by John Goya– local candidate for State Assembly. After discovering that we would be the only newspaper in attendance, we decided to check out the party and maybe get a scoop for the paper.
Although Cory and I sat at what some might call the “media table,” the equivalent of the “kiddie table” at Thanksgiving, we had a ball. Joining us for a foursome was Ben Ma and Cathy Chen with China Central Television. What lovely people. Their jobs are to interview, film and report Los Angeles area happenings for viewing in China. We shared business and personal contact information with one another, laughed like crazy people and promised to stay in touch. We are now friends on Facebook!
All in all, it was an amazing experience, and I send out a special “thank you” to the owner of Forbidden City, Michael Brausen, for being such a gracious host. Another “thank you” goes out to John Goya for the invitation. [Note: Hey, John. I hope the guest of honor didn’t overload on sweets. Between your gift to her of Rossmoor Pastries goodies and my present of See’s Candies, I bet she had her fill of sugar and chocolate!] If you’d like to read more about the event, see Cory’s story on the front page of last week’s issue titled “Vice-Chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region visits Long Beach.” You’ll find it easily at under “archives” or just search by keyword.

Speaking of Facebook, I found something fun on Wednesday while scrolling through my account. I just had to share it with my readers!

The correct ways to say 10 words and phrases that many folks get wrong:
Supposedly NOT Supposably
For all intents and purposes NOT For all intensive purposes
Regardless NOT Irregardless
I couldn’t care less NOT I could care less
Espresso NOT Expresso
Specifically NOT Pacifically
Et cetera NOT Ex cetera
I saw it NOT I seen it
Of utmost importance NOT Of upmost importance
I need to lie down NOT I need to lay down

(Question from Neena– is it oriented or orientated?) Anyone out there know?

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