For the ‘record’

Hello, Cory [Bilicko].

A few years back, in 2009, I was honored to read a review you wrote for the Signal Tribune on a show I was in, Songs for a New World at the ICT in Long Beach [“Current ICT production’s performers overcome a few shortcomings in mostly great compositions,” Oct. 23, 2009]. Needless to say I’ll never forget what you wrote; it was truly touching.
I decided to record it since you wrote, and I quote: “I found 18 different recordings of this song on iTunes and purchased the one that sounded the least theatrical; sorry to say Ayari’s version is not available there, since she sang it beautifully and straight-forwardly, letting the story take center stage.”
I hope the recorded version does justice to how you experienced it live four years ago. And I would like to thank you for inspiring me to record it.

With much love,
Parnia Ayari

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