‘Thanksgiving Wishes’

 Neena Strichart/Publisher

Neena Strichart/Publisher

Neena Strichart/Publisher

On Thanksgiving Eve I begin preparation
for the next day’s events with much trepidation.
My mind wanders quite wildly to holidays past
when things went south quickly–
good intentions were dashed

Will this year be different? Will kinfolk behave?
Will “Aunt Lil” stay sober?
What about “Uncle Dave?”
I hope that young cousins don’t kick, bite or yell,
or ask while we’re eating,
“Hey, what’s that weird smell?”

No olives on fingers, no water tipped over,
No barking of pets named Queenie or Rover.
For potatoes, no lumps– I cross fingers this year
and hope we don’t run short of scotch, wine, or beer.

Juicy turkey, nice ham, and me not a crier
I wish for baked yams that do not catch fire.
Nevertheless, no matter the meal,
here’s my bottom line, my big point, my main spiel.

As long as we gather, give thanks as we’re blessed,
doesn’t matter what’s eaten or how we are dressed.
What counts is reflection for what comes our way,
and that we’re together this Thanksgiving Day.

The Signal Family wishes you and yours
a very blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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