Letters and email to the Editor: Easy access

I’m the director of PADNET.tv, the public-access television channel in Long Beach. I’m writing regarding your Nov. 29 article titled “LB mayoral candidates weigh in on environmental issues in first political forum of election season.”
First, thank you for your election forum coverage. It’s important that we work to have the best informed and prepared voters as possible as they step into the voting booths next year.
However, this was not the first election forum as the headline and article indicate.
Our parent organization, Long Beach Community Action Partnership, held a series of candidate forums throughout October and November, covering the mayoral race as well as every city council race. The forums were broadcast live on Charter 32/Verizon 41 in Long Beach, streamed live at PADNET.tv, are still on the air through the end of the year and are also available on our video-on-demand page at padnet.tv/watch-on-demand .
We are planning another series of forums in 2014.
If you have any questions or would like further information, I can be reached at lisa@padnet.tv or at (562) 216-4640.

Lisa Mastramico
PADNET director
Long Beach Community Action Partnership

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