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3 thoughts on “City of Signal Hill remembers 1958 Hancock oil refinery fire with public event

  • eileen atkinson

    yes my mom was up there when this happened she just got off work and was on her way home in lakewood.

  • Constance Harris Deise

    The Signal Hill Oil fire of 1958 happened when I was 10 years old and living in Lakewood, California. It could be seen from our house on Oliva Ave. near Captain Raymond Collins School. At that time it was quite a frightening situation because we really did not know immediately what was happening or why for the lack of cell phones, Internet or other devices to inform us. And as a child, I thought that we were bombed due to the air raids and bomb practice that took place in our elementary school in those days.
    Signal Hill was a very interest place and always will be for me,because I am a retired teacher and historic artist, now residing in Arizona, that uses information about this place and other places around the world which I include with each of my tiny paintings.

  • cheryl thrasher

    To Whom Concerns: I would just simply like to say Thank-You so very much for remembering all of the fire-fighter that fought in that horrible blaze but I’m hoping that you remember one particular fire-station that was called to help fight that fire it was the fire station at the old Long Beach Municipal Airport my grandfather was stationed there his name was Floyd Walch even though I was not born at that time when it happened I was born in 1959 but my grandfather Floyd Walch & my grandmother or his wife Ann Walch remembers that horrible day very well when they were alive my grandfather Floyd Walch passed away in 2000 from a heart attack but if he was alive today I’m very sure he would be very grateful that you remember him & his company that fought that terrible blaze. Thanks Again So Very Much From Floyd Walch’s Grand-Daughter Cheryl Thrasher