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Now that Christmas is over for this year, the words “Happy New Year!” seem to be coming from everyone I meet. I’m not saying it isn’t expected, but the sentiment behind the phrase appears to be delivered with a bit more fervor this season. The words don’t appear to be said as wishes or prayers, but rather as a statement of fact. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Period.
My guess is that folks are feeling a bit more settled these days and maybe not quite as stressed about money as they had in days gone by. They may not have more dollars to spend, but I think people have found a new or better way to juggle their finances. Restaurants seem to be a bit busier, my higher-end advertising clients are reporting a bit more business coming their way, and I have a general sense of peacefulness as I drive through our neighborhoods and shopping corridors. True, maybe I am a bit of a Pollyanna, but I truly believe that 2014 will be an amazing time for small business and, therefore, amazing for all of us.
Part of my New Year’s resolution will be to work even harder this year to shop and dine locally. Although I do a pretty good job as it stands, I believe I can do even better next year. One way to accomplish the task is to get out of the office more often and see what is happening in my own backyard. With publishing duties taking up the lion’s share of my time, I am going to also resolve to do more delegating in 2014. Warning to my husband Steve and assistant Tanya, I am finally going to take you up on all those offers to help me run errands and deal with paper work. Frankly, I am looking forward to getting out in “the field” more often and out from behind the computer. I further resolve to spend more time with the women in my life, including long-time friends, colleagues and Mom too! I definitely need more girls’ nights out!
Now that I have shared with you my plans for resolutions in 2014, here are a few below that I solicited on Facebook from my “friends”…
Melissa Zambrano, owner of Urban Cottage : “Dump the negatives!!!!!!!!!”
Dyana Dulin of Dynamic Glass: “Quit smoking.”
Kate Braid, owner of Hungry Dog Printing: “Jump on it.”
Linda Conn: “To enjoy every minute possible with the people I love. Time is too short.”
Steve Strichart, associate publisher of the Signal Tribune: “To stay out of your column…”
Debbie King, owner of Willie’s Tin Shop: “Laugh more.”
Blair Cohn, executive director of Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Association: “I resolve to make [fiance’] Alissa Sablan happy; to reenergize my commitment to Bixby Knolls and the City of Long Beach; to get down to my fighting weight; and to find the answer to ‘what’s the next big thing?’”
Kati Ennis of Friedmans Appliance Center: “To be not only 100% meat free but fish and cheese as well! Vegan lifestyle, here I come!”
John Royce president of the California Heights Neighborhood Association: “To find a balance.”

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