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Where’s Mr. Rogers when you need him?

I keep asking myself “Why?” People come to America for freedom and the wonderful life they can have here, and the first thing they do is try and take over the country. They get welfare and food stamps, housing and schooling, but that isn’t enough– they want cars and more cars. One family on my street has nine cars and parks one or two of them in front of my house every week. I didn’t even have a place to put out my garbage cans this week because there are two of their cars blocking the place I put out my refuse. As a senior citizen, I have enough trouble just moving those large trash cans, but when my access to the place I put the cans is blocked it makes it even more difficult. How do we teach them respect for their neighbor? That is the 64-dollar question, and I certainly don’t know how to answer it.
I’ve lived in this house for 70 years come May, and we never even had a grease spot in the place in front of the house until the one family moved in and started parking their cars there. They are fast-foodies, as well, and throw used cups and food packages in the street instead of taking them home to throw in the proper trash container. I wish I knew the answer to this, but age has its limitations, and I am stumped.
Just so Californians won’t think they are the only ones, my sister tells me they have the same problem back East with the newcomers. I would think they would do everything possible to “fit in,” but their mindset is on a different wavelength.
Well, I got that off my chest. It doesn’t settle anything, but I feel better sharing it with others.

Vivian C. Nelson
Long Beach

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