Group art exhibit to examine birds and their habitats

“Not Forgotten,” origami by Blake Derksen

“Not Forgotten,” origami by Blake Derksen

The exhibit On Silvered Wings will open at Greenly Art Space, 2698 Junipero Ave., Suite 113, on Saturday, Feb. 22 from 6pm to 10pm.
Kimberly Hocking of Greenly and artists Traci Durfee and Jamie Kivisto have curated a collection of 50-plus local artists that explores the concept of birds and the ways they inspire people. The show features paintings, sculpture, origami, photography, mixed media, printmaking and more, focusing on avian habitats, flight and associated symbols, such as eggs, nests, feathers, wings and cages.
“My work reflects the idea of the journey– away from or returning to home,” said Gail Werner, one of the participating artists. “As a member of the Cupeño/Luiseño/Diegeño tribes located in southern California, I am inspired by our traditional ‘bird songs.’ As I understand it, the songs tell of a time after the creator dies. In turmoil, the people scatter in all directions. Although the songs are about the people, they are from the standpoint of the birds and follow their migration. The songs tell about what they see: the mountains, deserts, the night sky and other landmarks. The birds suffer hardships on their journey and realize it is better to be home and return to their place of origin.”
“Waiting,” etching by Vinita Voogd

“Waiting,” etching by Vinita Voogd

On Silvered Wings will be a fundraising event for Greenly Art Space, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that focuses on “enriching lives and cultivating community through art” through creating contemplative art shows, bringing art to community schools and providing a space for art making, mentoring, and art therapy, according to Hocking.
In addition to supporting Greenly’s cause, this show will also be donating a portion of the event proceeds to South Bay Wildlife Rehab (SBWR) of Rancho Palos Verdes. SBWR representatives will be in attendance at the opening with an educational booth that features live birds that have been rescued and rehabilitated but are not able to re-enter the wild.
There is a $10 admission fee for the event, which includes the art exhibit, live music by Victoria Bailey, performance art by Juan Sanchez Diaz, educational booth by SBWR (with live hawks and owls), gourmet popcorn bar & nacho bar and free parking.
After the opening, the exhibit will be open for free public viewing Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 11am to 2pm or by appointment by calling (562) 533-4020. The show will run through March 22.

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