Tuttle Cameras and Signal Tribune select Kelly Parker as its Picture Perfect Mom

mom-kelly-parker.jpgJust in time for Father’s Day… the Signal Tribune is announcing the winners of our Mother’s Day photo and caption contest.
Third-place winner is Noemi Maldonado Tiedemann, who wins an 8X7 photo puzzle from Tuttle Cameras and a foot-pampering kit from the Signal Tribune. Second-place winner is Robbie Lane, who gets a 5X7 photo album frame from Tuttle Cameras and a Juniper Breeze bath and beauty kit for his mom from the Signal Tribune.
First-place winner is Christopher Anderson, who wins a Nikon S10 digital camera from Tuttle Cameras.
Here is Christopher’s winning caption:

“My Mom is Special in So Many Ways”
My mom is special in so many ways; it’s hard to tell them all. She takes me to birthday parties and musical theater such as Hairspray. She tells me every night I go to bed I’m her favorite 11-year-old son and she loves me very much. My mom and I can be so silly together when we sing in the car with a toy microphone. We also sing at home to my dad through the television speakers. My mom is so supportive when I run track, she’ll scream, “Go, baby, go!” I ask her to stand 10 meters from the finish line so I can get my second wind and finish the race strong. Most of all she gives me a special feeling that nobody in the world can replace. If somebody needed a mom they would be blessed to have mine.

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