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Among the offices on the ballot for the Tuesday, April 8 primary nominating election in Long Beach will be mayor, city attorney, city prosecutor, city council district 7 and city council district 9.
The Signal Tribune requested that each of the candidates seeking those seats submit information on his or her campaign, the results of which are published below, in the order in which we received them by email. We asked the candidates to limit their nonprofit/professional affiliations and endorsments to five each and their goals if elected/platform to 150 words.
For more information about the election, visit the Long Beach City Clerk’s web page at .

Long Beach mayor

Jana Shields

Party affiliation Non-partisan
Age 68
Years residing in Long Beach 33 years
Previous offices held None
Occupation CEO, career linguist
Education B.S. in Microbiology, University of Arizona, 1967; Bachelor of Music in Composition, SDSU 1991; MA in Linguistics, CSULB 2001
Family information Single, never married, no children
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Co-founder and president of Friends’ House at Drake Park
Co-founder and president of Highly Empowered Youth of Long Beach Willmore City Heritage Association Board
Central Project Area Council Board
Goals if elected/platform
Real pension reform
• Avoid future bankruptcy by reducing the unfunded pension
liabilities currently totaling one billion
• Save our City services from further cuts to pay pensions
• Provide sustainable pensions for our City employees
Grow the economy by making Long Beach business friendly
• Freeze license and permit fees
• Streamline services to speed up new business startups
• Make Long Beach the easiest cty in SoCal to do business with by
becoming customer-friendly
• Change red tape to red carpet for businesses
Slow down the new Civic Center Project
• Let the new mayor and city council make the decisions
• Rethink the public-private partnership model
• Don’t give away City land
• Open the process to public input
• Have funding in place before signing contracts
Endorsements No endorsements were sought
Campaign website

Robert Garcia

Robert Garcia
Party affiliation Democratic
Age 36
Years residing in Long Beach 19
Previous offices held Vice mayor, 1st District Councilmember
Occupation Vice mayor, educator
Education I hold a doctorate in higher education, a master’s degree in communication management and a bachelor’s degree in communication studies.
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Board member, Children Today
University of Southern California Alumni Association
California State University Alumni Association
Goals if elected/platform I’m ready to move Long Beach forward with a robust plan for economic development and job creation. I want to attract business from all over the world and the region. The creation of new jobs will give this city’s economic base the financial resources to provide city services. I also want to continue our strong and responsible fiscal policy. We have gone from pension abuses to pension reform and from budget deficits to budget surpluses. We are also experiencing the lowest level of crime in 41 years. Education is also critical to our city. I’d like to link our elementary- and high-school system to college and universities, to create educational pathways for students to follow and succeed. I strongly believe that our best days are ahead of us.
Mayor Bob Foster, Long Beach
Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom
Congresswoman Linda Sanchez
Board of Education President John McGinnis, Long Beach Unified School District
Long Beach Register
Campaign website

Damon Dunn

Party affiliation Independent
Age 38
Years residing in Long Beach Three
Previous offices held N/A
Occupation Real-estate investor
Education B.A. in public policy, Stanford University
Family information Single, 6-year-old daughter
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Long Beach Rotary
Faculty Fellow CSULB
Board of Directors LBUSD Education Foundation
Founder of Long Beach College Prep Academy
Goals if elected/platform
Commitment to fiscal responsibility: I will commit to maintaining a balanced budget and not committing to ongoing expenses with one-time revenues. Further, I will continue to seek ways to make government more efficient, in order to improve the delivery of services to Long Beach residents.
Growing our economy: The next mayor will need to be a catalyst to grow our economy so that we can pay for public safety, infrastructure and city services. I will provide the business acumen to assess every developable property and create a plan, evaluate our industry clusters and define strategic goals to leverage those clusters to create jobs.
Make Long Beach more business-friendly: We need to implement an exit survey for businesses that interact with our city for development permits, business licenses, conditional-use permits, inspections… The data will allow us to make informed decisions and develop intelligent solutions to correcting our course.
Endorsements Long Beach Firefighters Association
Long Beach Chamber of Commerce
City Manager (ret.) Jerry Miller
Long Beach Fire Chief (ret.) Harold Omel
Commander Long Beach Police Department (ret.) Charles Parks
Campaign website

Doug Otto

Doug Otto
Party affiliation Democrat
Age 65
Years residing in Long Beach Lifelong resident
Previous offices held LBCC Trustee
Occupation Attorney
Education J.D. – University of Chicago
Master’s, Union Theological Seminary/Columbia University
Bachelor’s, Stanford University
Family information Married to Freda Hinsche Otto; five children, five grandchildren
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Founding board member, Aquarium of the Pacific
Co-founder, Long Beach Heritage
Long Beach Planning Commissioner
Chair, Long Beach 2010 Strategic Planning Committee
Former Chair, Arts Council for Long Beach
Goals if elected/platform I want to make Long Beach a 21st-century city by leveraging our unique assets, including our location, world-class colleges, arts and culture and, most importantly, our people. As a community leader for over three decades, I always led from the ground up, listening to and collaborating with citizens to find the best possible solutions to the issues that Long Beach faces. As mayor, I will continue to bring that type of transparency and accountability to the way I manage our city’s government. I will also establish an Economic Development Department (the first step in my 11-point Jobs Plan) to create jobs, support existing businesses and bring new industry to the area. I’m running to serve Long Beach. This city isn’t a stepping stone on the way to Sacramento or Washington D.C. Long Beach has made me who I am, and now it’s time to give back.
Endorsements We have over 300 community endorsers and are proud to be endorsed by former California Governor George Deukmejian and his wife Gloria, Supervisor Don Knabe and the Long Beach Register.
Campaign website

Gerrie Schipske

Party affiliation Democrat
Age 64
Years residing in Long Beach Born in Long Beach
Previous offices held Long Beach City College Board of Trustees; Long Beach City Council (two terms)
Occupation Registered nurse practitioner, CSULB instructor, attorney, author
Juris doctorate, Pacific Coast University School of Law
MA in legislative affairs, George Washington University
BA History, UCI, RN, Goldenwest College
Family information Partner with Flo Pickett for 34 years; three grown children; one grandchild
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Founder, The Long Beach Rosie the Riveter Foundation
Co Founder, Long Beach Cares
Goals if elected/platform
1) Make the City of Long Beach government and services open and transparent. No more secret deals or special friends. No more last-minute approvals of development and contracts without full public disclosure of the details of such deals. Implement 45 open government reforms
2) Make economic development the top priority of the City. Without adequate revenue from property and sales taxes, the City of Long Beach cannot pay for the services it promises to deliver. In the first six months of being in office as mayor, I will appoint a deputy mayor of Economic Development who will work with the city manager and City Council as a resource to identify programs, sources of funding and tax credits that can help create and maintain jobs by stimulating development in all areas of the City.
3) Make the City of Long Beach government and employees accountable. I will require that specific performance measures be included in the annual budget and will also propose funding for the City of Long Beach to utilize the OpenGov platform to post its daily spending. I will also take to the voters a charter amendment that would mandate a City management report that reports twice yearly on the performance of City agencies in delivering services.
California Nurses Association
Teamsters Joint Council
California Faculty Association
State Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones
Campaign website

Steve Mozena

Party affiliation Republican
Age 53
Years residing in Long Beach 2007–present
Previous offices held None
Occupation Small-business owner of several Long Beach-based businesses
B.A. in journalism from University of Oregon, minor in business, currently enrolled in a fully online MBA graduate program
Family information Married to Lucille Mozena for 13
years, 11-year-old daughter Arista Mozena
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Toastmasters’ Gavel Club
St. John Fisher Catholic Church
Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
AYSO Soccer
Goals if elected/platform Major issues facing our community– as well as the nation– are jobs and the economy.
As a businessman for the past 30 years, I know the importance of managing my time, interest and finances properly. I will take these skills to the office of mayor of Long Beach and encourage each city department to engage in these sound and vital business practices as well. The city’s economy should be a model and example for local businesses to replicate.
Jobs are critical to the growth of our community. Attracting new businesses and industry, as well as working to inspire the growth and expansion of existing ones, will do much to expand the job market here.
Our schools and colleges deserve the encouragement of city leadership. I will partner with our educational community with the desire of keeping our field of amazing graduates here in Long Beach employed with good paying jobs.
Endorsements I have requested none at this point.
Campaign website

Bonnie Lowenthal

Party affiliation Democrat
Age 74
Years residing in Long Beach 45-year Long Beach resident
Previous offices held
Long Beach Unified District School Board member
Long Beach city councilmember and vice mayor
Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board member
Occupation Assemblymember
B.S. in sociology, University of Wisconsin
M.S. in community clinical psychology, California State University, Long Beach
Family information Evan Braude– partner, three sons, daughter-in-law, three grandchildren and one on the way
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Teachers Association of Long Beach (associate member)
St. Mary’s Hospital Board of Directors
California Commission on the Status of Women & Girls
Children Today, Board of Directors
California Mental Health Oversight & Accountability Commission
Goals if elected/platform
Long Beach is my home. I have lived here for 45 years, raised my family here and worked to improve our schools, make our neighborhoods safer and make our city work better and more efficiently.
I served Long Beach as a school board member, City Council member/vice mayor, nonprofit director and small-business owner, and currently our Assemblymember.
I led efforts to reform our schools, which resulted in Long Beach being named one of the best urban school districts in the nation.
On the City Council, I fought to hire more police, crack down on gangs and reduce firefighter and police response times.
In the Legislature, I have been an advocate for our city, helping create thousands of new jobs in Long Beach and redirecting millions of our tax dollars back to our schools and public safety.
As mayor, I will make public safety a priority, create good jobs and restore neighborhood services.
Governor Jerry Brown
Congressman Alan Lowenthal
Senator Betty Karnette (ret.)
Mayor Ernie Kell (ret.)
The Sierra Club
Campaign website

Richard Anthony Camp

Richard Camp
Party affiliation Dogmatically Agnostic Party
Age 43
Years residing in Long Beach 23-year resident
Previous offices held No political offices held
Occupation Self-employed detailer, DJ, sound engineer.
Education High-school diploma, vocational certificates for architectural drafting and design, welding. Master’s degree in human nature, compliments of six years study within the Montgomery County PA child protection system.
Family information My family life is personal.
Nonprofit/professional affiliations I have zero affiliations with any societies, groups or orders.
Goals if elected/platform My goals are to prepare our city to properly react with decisive, compassionate poise. To any number of crises. Such as tsunami evacuation and recovery, large-scale earthquake, long-term power outrages and biological epidemics, among others. To suggest a patient, long-term goal of transforming our entire city into a globally recognized first and best destination in Southern California. With exciting cultural districts and quarters. A vibrant, diverse economy. A family of communities with common goals, vision, harmony and prosperity. With the potential of surf on the beach and snow on the hill. We can become a beautiful example of the best of Southern California. With a “Help Up Program,” I would like to coordinate our great public services into a clear path to assist folks struggling on the streets. To get on their feet again. As I have been for months, I will make great efforts to restore transparency, accountability and personal responsibility to public office. By example. No government can function and survive without clarity and integrity. None have.
Endorsements I have chosen not to fundraise or seek endorsements.
Campaign website I have no formal campaign machinery or website. Long Beach 2014 An Exciting Place To Be.

Eric Rock

Eric Rock
Party affiliation Independent
Age 43
Years residing in Long Beach 43
Previous offices held N/A
Occupation Medical marijuana advocate
Education MBA, Pepperdine University (Graziado School of Business & Management)
The only time I went to Malibu was for orientation and graduation; over 90 percent of my units were earned at the Long Beach World Trade Center.
BS, DeVry of Long Beach (summa cum laude graduate)
Solar Technology Certified, Harbor Occupational Center
Homeland Certificated, Long Beach City College
Family information
Married to LBUSD middle-school math teacher
Blessed to have three amazing kids all attending LBUSD (California Academy Math and Science, Renaissance Art School, and Prisk Elementary)
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
American Red Cross 2-gallon pin recipient, Long Beach Church of Philadelphia, DeVry Alumni, Pepperdine Alumni
Goals if elected/platform
Legalize and tax medical-marijuana collectives. Invest those funds into clean energy. Partner with Jim Silva of HB to get his commercial desalination plant operational. Renegotiate with the Disney Corporation to manage our entertainment entities. The collectives should be allowed to operate in an open market, as capitalism merits. The more collectives the greater revenues, from licensing fees, to our beloved city. Additionally, an open market ensures the best possible product at the lowest possible price point to the patient. Implementing the above would limit the empty storefronts, create jobs in various sectors and begin preserving our environment without putting a burden on any existing tax group.
Campaign website­

Mineo L. Gonzalez

Mineo Gonzalez
Party affiliation Democrat
Age 37
Years residing in city 33
Previous offices held None
Occupation State auditor
Education B.A. in accounting
Family information Married
Nonprofit/professional affiliations None
Goals if elected/platform
There is too great a divide in this city between districts. Many districts feel as if they are an afterthought to the city. That the city does not invest in them. Those also happen to be the parts of the city where more crime and litter occurs. The people there have either given up or just assume that crime is a part of everyday life. We have to win back the trust and confidence of these residents. There should not be “good” and “bad” parts of Long Beach. We need real leadership. The mayor should be known in every corner of the city because they have personally gone there to speak to the residents and hear their concerns. Especially after violent crimes occur. A real leader unites people. United people have the ability to take back the areas of our city that have been lost to crime and gangs.
Endorsements None
Campaign website

Long Beach city attorney

Charles Parkin

Charles Parkin
Party affiliation Independent
Age 55
Years residing in Long Beach 55
Previous offices held Long Beach City attorney
Occupation Long Beach city attorney
Education Graduated cum laude from Pacific Coast University, School of Law and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from California State University, Long Beach
Family information Married to Terese (Schneeweis) Parkin 36 years, three adult children and one grandchild
Nonprofit/professional affiliations I am admitted to practice in California and before the United States District Court for the Central District, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal and the United States Supreme Court. I have been a member of the Long Beach Bar Association since 1995 and have been elected to serve on its Board of Governors for two separate terms. I am also a member of the City Attorney Association of Los Angeles County (CAALAC), and the California Bar Association Public Law Section.
I have served as a volunteer, elected Board member of the Long Beach City Employees Federal Credit Union since 1998. I currently serve as the president and chairman of the Board of this 300-million-dollar-plus financial institution.
Goals if elected/platform
Under the City Charter, the city attorney is the sole and exclusive legal advisor to the City, City Council and all City Commissions, Committees, Officers and Employees. I am responsible to the mayor and City Council to provide them with neutral legal advice not subject to my legislative priorities or opinions. The city attorney must be able to advise the policy makers of the legal issues and possible challenges to their decisions so that they may weigh the options and make an informed decision. After the policy body has given direction, it is the responsibility of the city attorney to implement and defend the policy as adopted.
The three most pressing challenges of the City relating to the Long Beach City Attorney’s Office are:
• protect and keep our neighborhoods safe
• reduce City liability through aggressive risk management
• maintain our first-class office of highly qualified and experienced attorneys and staff
Former California Governor George Deukmejian
Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey
Former Long Beach Mayor Beverly O’Neill
Long Beach Police Officers Association
Long Beach Firefighters Association
Campaign website

James Johnson

Party affiliation Democrat
Age 36
Years residing in Long Beach Lifelong resident
Previous offices held Long Beach city councilmember
Occupation Teach criminal and business law at CSULB and serve as Long Beach city councilmember
Education Poly H.S.; Harvard University, B.A. in Economics; U.C. Berkeley School of Law, J.D.
Family information Married to Nicole Altamirano, with twins Theodore and Maria Elena
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Executive Board Member, Southern California Association of Governments
First Vice President, Gateway Cities Council of Governments
Alternate Member, 710 Project Committee
Chair, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee of the City Council
Member of the Long Beach Bar Association
Goals if elected/platform Long Beach, it is time for you to choose your city attorney. We need a proven leader in this position, somebody who can stand up to the special interests and fight for you. As city attorney, I will communicate with residents throughout the city about how this position can improve their quality of life. I will be a proactive city attorney who protects public funds so they are there for vital services. I will properly advise the City Council to avoid contract abuses that have cost our city hundreds of millions of dollars in the past and led to reductions in police services, parks and libraries. Finally, I will aggressively combat public nuisances. Such nuisances can deteriorate the quality of life in our neighborhoods and lead to more serious issues if left unaddressed. Thus, I will make the abatement of such public nuisances a high priority.
Congressmembers Alan Lowenthal and Janice Hahn
LA City Attorney Mike Feuer
Senator Ricardo Lara
Former California State Bar President Seth Hufstedler
Campaign website

Long Beach city prosecutor

Rosemary Chávez

Rosemary Chavez
Party affiliation I am a life-long Democrat
Age I am proudly 53, born 03/28/1960 (Very soon to be 54!)
Years residing in Long Beach Long Beach has been my home since 1999. Part of that time I lived in the Alamitos Beach area. For several years I owned a home in north Long Beach, adjacent to Houghton Park, then back to Alamitos Beach and now the Bluff Park neighborhood.
Previous offices held None
Occupation Attorney– 26 years as a misdemeanor prosecutor for the City of Los Angeles; my entire career has been in public service.
1978 graduate, Saint Paul High School, Santa Fe Springs
1982 A.A. degree Rio Hondo College, Whittier
1987 graduate BSL and JD, Western State University, College of Law, Fullerton
Family information I have been married to my second husband since 2001. I have two grown daughters from my first marriage– they each have two children who are the stars in my sky– and three stepchildren who have among them six children and counting.
Nonprofit/professional affiliations I am a member of the California State Bar Association and have been a licensed attorney since 1988. Until recently, I had been for several years the president of my HOA Board. For many years, I served as a member of my bargaining unit, the Los Angeles City Attorneys Association.
Goals if elected/platform
In my career for the City of Los Angeles, I personally handled thousands of vehicle code cases and became expert in prosecuting DUI cases. I trained dozens of prosecutors and hundreds of police officers to properly enforce the law and conduct DUI trials. I want to put all my experience, knowledge and training to the service of the people of Long Beach and train all the deputy prosecutors in the office to be the best.
My administration would vigorously advocate on behalf of crime victims and tirelessly pursue convicted criminals to make full restitution to victims of crime. The current system places too much of a burden on the victim to pursue enforcement of any restitution orders made by a judge for their benefit. I believe that the city prosecutor should use its resources to enforce and collect the restitution due to crime victims and require that each convicted criminal pay their debt owing to the victim in full. Finally, the city prosecutor should impose protective orders and conditions of probation on convicted defendants that will provide for the safety of any crime victims.
LA County Democratic Party
LAMBDA Democratic Club, Long Beach
Long Beach Democratic Club
The San Pedro Democratic Club
Campaign website

Doug Haubert

Doug Haubert
Party affiliation None/Independent
Age 45
Years residing in Long Beach 20
Previous offices held Long Beach city prosecutor; Deputy city prosecutor, City of Long Beach
Occupation Long Beach city prosecutor
Juris doctorate, University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law
Bachelor of Arts, political science, University of California, Santa Barbara
Family information Married to Lisa Haubert for 17 years; 2 daughters
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
President, LA County Prosecutors Association
California State Bar, Executive Committee, Public Law Section
Long Beach Bar Association/Bar Foundation
Chairman, Los Angeles County Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Advisory Board
Long Beach Public Library Foundation, Advisory Board
Goals if elected/platform
• Continue to reduce gang activity in Long Beach using the “Gang Prevention Strategy” my office developed in consultation with police and community leaders. Gang arrests and prosecutions have increased 760 percent, violent crime has dropped to the lowest level in 41 years. Police Chief Jim McDonnell calls our strategy “the most effective and innovative” in use today.
• Continue to work with schools to keep kids out of gangs by continuing to reduce truancy by at-risk youth. In 2013, Neighborhoods, USA recognized our gang-prevention strategy as one of “America’s Best Neighborhood Programs.”
• Continue to expand diversion programs that save taxpayers money and help keep our parks and beaches clean.
• Continue to innovate in areas of criminal prosecution. Such work is a large reason I am endorsed by Long Beach police officers, LA County deputy sheriffs, Long Beach teachers and community leaders like Congressman Alan Lowenthal, Congresswoman Janice Hahn, and Mayors Bob Foster and Beverly O’Neill.
Hon. George Deukmejian, former California governor/attorney general
Hon. Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles County district attorney
Hon. Alan Lowenthal, U.S. Congressmember
Hon. Janice Hahn, U.S. Congressmember
Hon. Don Knabe, LA County Supervisor
Campaign website

Long Beach City Council 7th District

Joan V. Greenwood

Joan Greenwood
Party affiliation Democrat
Age 65
Years residing in district 27.5 years
Previous offices held None
Occupation Businesswoman/senior project manager (Clark Seif Clark, Inc., Long Beach– Hazardous Materials Management)
B.A. Chemistry, Wheaton College (Norton, MA); Certificate in Strategic Environmental Management, UC Irvine
Post-graduate training in analytical chemistry, Northeastern University (Boston, MA)
Post-graduate training in Business Management and Finance (Wellesley, MA)
Family information Widow of John Gailey with four stepsons and seven stepgrandchildren
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Sustainable City Commissioner (2008–present)
Friends of the Los Angeles River, board member (1995–2001)
Wrigley Association past president (2004–2007)
Wrigley Area Neighborhood Alliance, board member (2007–present)
West Long Beach Association, member
Goals if elected/platform
City services: Maintain a balanced budget to keep streets, sidewalks and public landscaping in good repair and to ensure that public walkways and street crossings are pedestrian-friendly with high-efficiency lighting and free of trash
Public safety: Provide the resources, technology and training to enable police, fire and emergency responders to provide the highest level of service and expand the Community Watch program
Local economy and fiscal responsibility: Focus economic development on attracting firms and business start-ups that will hire and promote locally, and maximize local sourcing of goods and services
Connected communities: Foster greater collaboration between neighborhood organizations and City staff and establish mentoring programs to prepare district residents for appointments to boards and commissions
Community-based planning: Ensure that projects respect the character of our community, preserve our historic neighborhoods and equestrian properties; address parking issues; and enhance access to open space, health care and healthy food choices
Sierra Club
National Women’s Political Caucus
Dr. Felton Williams, LBUSD board member
Hector De La Torre, California Air Resources board member and former State Assemblemember
Mark Bowen, Long Beach City College Trustee
Campaign website

Roberto Uranga
Party affiliation Democrat
Age 60
Years residing in district I have lived in the 7th District for 30 years, 24 of them in the Wrigley area.
Previous offices held I currently serve on the Long Beach City College Board of Trustees and have been since 2000.
Occupation Trustee, LBCC Board of Trustees
Education: B.A., California State University, Long Beach
Family information: Married 28 years to former 7th District Councilmember Tonia Reyes Uranga and have three adult children.
Nonprofit/professional affiliations:
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
American Red Cross of Greater Long Beach
Long Beach LAMBDA
Wrigley Association
West Long Beach Association
Goals if elected/platform
The City has ongoing issues that include addressing its public-safety needs, pensions, pollution, economic development, safe neighborhoods and business development. I have a vision for Long Beach:
• Having fully staffed, efficient and well-equipped public-safety departments
• Building and growing 7th District business corridors by attracting new and diverse businesses to the area
• Ensuring safe and accessible neighborhoods by working with our neighborhood associations and encouraging resident participation
I have the experience and the ability to build coalitions and to bring people together for a common vision.
Congresswoman Janice Hahn
Supervisor Don Knabe
City Councilmembers Al Austin, Steve Neal and Suja Lowenthal
Los Angeles County Business Federation (BizFed), a business association that promotes business opportunities in the county
Long Beach Police, Fire and Teachers Associations.
Campaign website

Teer Strickland

Party affiliation Democrat
Age 50
Years residing in city/district Long Beach resident 16 years; 7th District resident 11 years
Previous offices held None
Occupation State government employee with Board of Equalization
Bachelor of Science, Drexel University; Master of Business Administration, Marymount University
Family information Married, two children
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Junior League of Long Beach; Jack and Jill of America, Long Beach Chapter; California Women Lead
Goals if elected/platform The 7th district needs a leader who will continue the progress made over the past four years. As a former board member of the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency, I have the experience to solve problems faced by residents and business owners that impact quality of life. If elected, I pledge to:
• Create a better place to live, work and play with safe and clean neighborhoods, and business corridors that flourish
• Preserve the Airport Noise Compatibility Ordinance
• Enforce limits on pollution from the Port of Long Beach
• Provide police, fire and paramedics with adequate funding to serve the district
• Address aging infrastructure needs, including the repairing of sidewalks, the repaving of streets and alleys, and the trimming of trees • Expand parks and recreation • Provide more opportunities for youth, seniors and veterans
• Establish an economic development council to support small businesses and create jobs
• Help lower unemployment and raise the minimum wage
Dr. Felton Williams, board member, Long Beach Unified School District
Mary Stanton, board member, Long Beach Unified School District
Campaign website

Lee Harrison Chauser

Party affiliation Non-Partisan Office
Age 68
Years residing in city or district I’ve lived in Long Beach 68 years
Previous offices held No previous offices held
Occupation Retired English teacher
Education Bachelor of Arts, CSULB
Family information Single, no children
Nonprofit/professional affiliations United Teachers Los Angeles, AFL-CIO 1020
Goals if elected/platform
Rid Long Beach of corruption, and inside developer deals
No new City Hall building until City workers receive 20-percent raises
Restore all City services to public with extended hours of operation
Hire more City employees, create new city jobs and professions
Refurbish all city school facilities
No privatization of public city service jobs
Hire more women and minorities
Equal pay for equal work
Hire more workers with liberal arts education and social sciences
Increase workers’ pensions, salaries, and benefits
Eliminate out servicing of public funds to private corporations
Begin children breakfast, lunch and dinner programs and medical health protection
Hire more school nurses, psychologists, and social-welfare professional counselors

Long Beach City Council 9th District

Ben Daugherty

Ben Daugherty
Party affiliation No affiliation to party; this is a nonpartisan position
Age 48
Years residing in district I’ve lived in the 9th District since 2003
Previous offices held No other office ever held
Occupation Former Building Engineer
Education Some college, trade certificates
Family information Engaged, no children.
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Community Emergency Response Team.
Red Cross
Mentoring Men To Lead
Veterans Independence Day Celebration
Goals if elected/platform
I have never run for office before but was compelled to do so after listening to various segments of the community who felt disenfranchised and believe I can provide the level of leadership, experience and integrity the district deserves.
I will apply my strong organizational and budgetary skills to make this district safer, cleaner, and more prosperous. I believe it is about people, not politics, and pledge to represent all the residents and local businesses of the 9th District as opposed to special-interest groups.
I am now ready to further serve my community as a member of the Long Beach City Council.
Former Vice Mayor Val Lerch
Former City Councilmember Jerry Schultz
Community activist Dave San Jose
Water Board Director Lynn Dymally
Vets Day Parade Chair Martha Thuente
Campaign website

Rex Richardson

Party affiliation Democrat
Age 30
Years residing in district Five
Previous offices held I have never held an elected office.
Occupation Chief of Staff, Council member Steve Neal, Long Beach City Council District 9
Education Philosophy, CSU Dominguez Hills
Family information I am a newlywed. My wife, Nina, and I live in Coolidge Triangle with our two rescued dogs, Rocky and Kizzy.
Nonprofit/professional affiliations
Fairfield Family YMCA
California Aquatic Wellness Center, aka “Pools for Hope”
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.
Goals if elected/platform
Neighborhood Revitalization
I’m proud to have assisted with efforts such as the restoration of local parks, wetlands, and open spaces. And to have worked to reinstate quality, much needed services that our families depend on, like Paramedic Rescue 12. I am ready to continue this work as councilman.
Job and Business Growth
I am ready to build on the progress made in the 9th and initiate more business development and job growth. I will push for greater infrastructure renewal and workforce investment to create family-sustaining jobs in our district and will continue to advocate for and bring together stakeholders, including business, nonprofits and clergy to address unemployment in our community.
Keeping Our Neighborhoods Safe
Public safety is my top priority. We cannot revitalize our community unless we adequately fund public safety and provide opportunities for youth. I am proud to have helped create the “Be SAFE Long Beach” summer recreation program for our youth, as well as Long Beach’s first gun buy-back program in decades.
Over 60 neighborhood leaders
Long Beach firefighters
Long Beach police officers
Councilmember Steven Neal
Congresswoman Janice Hahn
Campaign website

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