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One thought on “Thoughts from the Publisher

  • Peggy Lawson

    This article was posted on the wall of the Custodial office at Disneyland where my husband George works. He is the Custodian who took care of this little girl, who was so upset, and even talked with Melissa at the time. He remembers the incident as she told him “it brought tears to my eyes”. George is 87 years old and has worked at Disneyland for about three and a half years, working in all of the Lands. He loves his job and makes sure he carries enough stickers or buttons to give out to many crying or upset children – and adults. I would really enjoy seeing his name credited with this story and action. He certainly deserves credit where credit is due. This is not the first incident he has encountered. He has 24 Guest Compliment Certificates for such actions with Guests at the Park since he has worked there. I am very proud of him and love to see him do his “magic” when I go there with him.