Thoughts from the Publisher

by Neena Strichart

My friend Melissa has a great attitude. She seems to notice and appreciate the sweet little things in life. Whenever I see her, she is smiling and full of hugs. When I read her email messages or Facebook posts, she is sending notes or images of love, hope, encouragement or just something funny or naughty to make me giggle.
A while back I read a message on her Facebook wall that gives a perfect example of her good nature. She witnessed a small gesture, one that most folks may have overlooked, and then shared it with her Facebook friends. I now wish to share those words with you. Note: I did a little editing for editing’s sake.
Yesterday at Disneyland I saw something so beautiful while I was waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I was moved by what I was privileged to see. Mind you, this incident took place in a matter of just 30 seconds right above me on the walkway while I was below in the line that had stopped.
A girl about 4 years old was crying loudly. I turned to look and see what the frantic cry was all about, like anyone would. Then, in a few brief moments, I saw an elderly man, dressed in a white uniform holding a broom and dust pan, quickly stop the father of the crying girl who was holding her little hand. The man in white bent down to do “his magic.” He reached into his little white uniform’s apron pocket with his shaky 80-something-year-old hand, pulled out a sticker, handed it to the sobbing girl and whispered something to her. All I know is that whatever was making the little one cry had now faded away, and the man in white had her refocus on something sweet, something kind.
I was in awe that the man took the time to stop his sweeping in the middle of a crowded walkway and reach out to this sad little girl. Obviously, his love for Disney, “the happiest place on Earth,” is something he takes seriously, and he was going to do his best to help her get happy again. It brought tears to my eyes. Imagine all the years and all the crying children this man has seen, and he still believes in magic. More importantly, he took a few seconds to make someone feel better. He could have kept sweeping, but he didn’t. Patience and kindness was my lesson. I am thankful I witnessed those few moments. I learned so much yesterday.

One thought on “Thoughts from the Publisher

  1. This article was posted on the wall of the Custodial office at Disneyland where my husband George works. He is the Custodian who took care of this little girl, who was so upset, and even talked with Melissa at the time. He remembers the incident as she told him “it brought tears to my eyes”. George is 87 years old and has worked at Disneyland for about three and a half years, working in all of the Lands. He loves his job and makes sure he carries enough stickers or buttons to give out to many crying or upset children – and adults. I would really enjoy seeing his name credited with this story and action. He certainly deserves credit where credit is due. This is not the first incident he has encountered. He has 24 Guest Compliment Certificates for such actions with Guests at the Park since he has worked there. I am very proud of him and love to see him do his “magic” when I go there with him.

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