City of Long Beach has several dog parks, but users should be mindful of their rules

Long Beach has several facilities for residents to exercise their dogs off-leash. Most facilities feature spaces for both large and small dogs, benches for owners, free doggie waste bags and water fountains. Double entrance and exit gates help provide a secure environment for dogs.
Parks, Recreation and Marine Dog Parks are non-supervised facilities. Patrons should use recreational dog facilities at their own risk. The City of Long Beach accepts no responsibility for the behavior of dogs or dog owners and has posted the following rules for its dog parks:
• Each dog must be under the control of an adult.
• Only one dog per adult is permitted.
• The dog must be under visual and voice control at all times.
• Dog owners must pick up after their dogs and dispose of waste in provided containers.
• Dogs must be older than four months, vaccinated and licensed.
• Puppies younger than four months are not permitted for their and other dogs’ protection.
• Owners must have a leash. Dogs shall be on leashes whenever outside dog park/zones.
• No aggressive dogs are allowed.
• Dog owners are legally responsible for injuries caused by their dogs.
• Professional dog trainers/handlers are not permitted to use the facility for instruction.
• Female dogs in heat are not allowed.
• All dogs must wear a collar with current tags.
• No spiked collars allowed; they can hurt other dogs.
• No food– for humans or dogs– of any kind is allowed.
• Owners shall provide drinking water for their dogs as needed.
• Children must be supervised by adults.
• Children are not permitted to run, shout, scream, wave arms or excite or antagonize dogs.

Long Beach dog parks are located at the following sites:
• Rosie’s Dog Beach, Ocean Boulevard between Roycroft and Argonne avenues; open 6am to 8pm seven days a week
• Downtown Dog Park, Broadway and Pacific Avenue; open dawn to dusk every day
• K-9 Corner Dog Park, 9th Street and Pacific Avenue; open 6am to 10pm every day
• Uptown Dog Park, 4600 Long Beach Blvd., on the west side of Scherer Park; open dawn to dusk every day
• Recreation Dog Park, 5201 E. 7th St.; open 6am to 10pm every day, but park may be closed Mondays before noon for maintenance
• Wrigley Heights Dog Park, 3401 Golden Ave.; open 6am to 10pm every day, but park may be closed Mondays before noon for maintenance


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