Film contest ends with a surprising twist

chitty-cover.jpgThe entries have been tallied and the winner has been determined for the United Artists movie contest…or should we say winners?
Most contests are straightforward– the correct answers are culled from the boatload of entries and a winner is chosen from that group. That was indeed the intent for the Signal Tribune staff when it came to how the contest would be conducted. With a set of 20 classic titles on DVD as the prize- precision and fairness were key.
The contest question was: What UA (United Artists) title starring Dick Van Dyke became a Broadway musical? The answer supplied to the Signal Tribune by the company handling the contest was … “Bye Bye Birdie.” Being privileged with the answer, the publisher gave the following information to those entering: … “Hint: the answer to the question is NOT one of the [20] movies listed.” It turns out the REAL answer was one of the set of 20.
Pointed out to the Signal Tribune by a sleuth of a reader- the word “became” in the question was the operative clue.
It appears that although Dick Van Dyke did appear in both the Broadway plays and films Bye Bye Birdie and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the latter BECAME a UA movie before the play hit the stage, whereas the former was on Broadway first and then was turned into a movie. The matter became quite complicated and the Signal Tribune staff pointed out the error to the powers that be and was given an identical prize to award.
Therefore, with dividing the “correct” answers of Bye Bye Birdie and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang into two piles, the TWO winners drawn are:
MARY LEE IANTORNO – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
DON BERNADINI – Bye Bye Birdie

Congratulations to the winner(s). Please contact the Signal Tribune at (562) 427-8678 to make arrangements for collecting your prizes.

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