Letter to the Editor: A year later

On April 15, 2013, two bombs ripped through the crowds at the Boston Marathon, killing three and wounding hundreds. John and Karen Odom were at the finish line that day cheering on their daughter, who was running the race.
John was critically injured in the first explosion, spending weeks in the hospital before moving to a rehabilitation center to learn how to walk again. As the anniversary of the day that changed their lives forever approached, the Odoms sat down with me to discuss their memories of that fateful day, John’s recovery and adjusting to their new normal.
The Odoms will share intimate details of their harrowing experience, including how a quick decision by their son-in-law to grab a belt on the way out of his house ended up saving John’s life.
Stay tuned to knabe.com and our Facebook page later this week when this special episode of Dialed-In with Don Knabe is posted.

Don Knabe
Fourth District Supervisor
L.A. County

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