The Undershirt Inc. now offers environmentally friendly attire

undershirt.jpgThe Undershirt Inc., a local Signal Hill logo apparel company is now offering organic products both to wear and to utilize as promotional products for companies. These eco-friendly, socially responsible products respect the planet and offer alternatives to synthetic fibers and products.
Earth Friendly Organic T shirts are made from cotton that’s grown and dyed without the use of toxic chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.
Organic cotton has an exceptionally soft feel and is biodegradable and hypoallergenic. It also absorbs moisture extremely well, to provide a comfortable feel on those hot summer days. A shirt made from 100-percent organic cotton saves one-third of a pound of synthetic fertilizers and farm chemicals.
Recycled tees are also available. They are made from post-consumer waste and fabric remnants to create a recycled polyester blend that is surprisingly soft.
Modal is another unique fabric now being offered. Modal is derived from self-rejuvenating Beech trees and resists shrinking and stretching. Modal fabric is used in ladies’ tees, polos and a full-zip fashion hoody.
In addition to fibers from Beech trees, nature meets science with bamboo and bamboo charcoal technology products. Bamboo apparel is naturally soft and breathable. It offers antibacterial functions and naturally wicks away moisture and prevents odor.
Using high heat, bamboo charcoal technology converts quickly renewable bamboo into charcoal, which then is made into a soft fabric that naturally regulates body heat and resists UV rays. Bamboo is one of the world’s most renewable plants– growing up to a foot a day.
T-shirts are not the only apparel items being manufactured with this technology. Fine dress shirts for men and women, polo shirts and camp shirts are available in organic materials. The camp shirts even have coconut buttons to keep with a totally natural earth-friendly statement. We are also offering 100-percent certified organic baby wear. Infant tees and one-piece outfits are naturally Earth-friendly and buttery soft. Jackets are now made from recycled polyester blends.
They are warm and weather fighting, with a finish that resists seasonal wind and rain and feels soft and supple to wear. Fleece vests and jackets are also manufactured from this blend. Hats off to Mother Nature– organic headwear is also available.
Naturally moisture-wicking bamboo technology makes these hats the perfect choice for summer wear. They come in a standard or sandwich bill style. Undershirt also offers Dri-Duck brand hats– a wildlife series cap that highlights the plight of some of America’s most endangered species.
Speaking of antimicrobial– how about bamboo towels for the bath, beach or spa? These super soft, highly absorbent, hypoallergenic towels are made from a blend of bamboo and cotton.
While at the beach and spa– why not try out Aloe-Up with a new line of aloe vera-based sunscreen and lotion, as well as lip balms that are natural, non-greasy, sweat resistant, hypoallergenic, alcohol and mineral oil free? They can also be privately labeled with any company logo and make inexpensive giveaways for golf tournaments, company picnics or other outdoor events. Aloe Up is sold in the finest hotels, best golf courses, exclusive spas and ski resorts.
Organic grocery totes are a great way to make your eco-friendly statement to others while shopping. Take your heavy-duty, reusable canvas tote made from 100-percent certified organic cotton to the market. These bags have large gusseted bottoms and strong reinforced cotton web handles for ease of carrying. They launder well and can be screen-printed or embroidered with your company logo as the perfect eco-conscious promotional gift.
Additional styles of bags are available from basic totes to duffle bags, even cooler totes in 50-percent recycled polyester.
Many of their manufacturers are members of the Organic Trade Association, Organic Exchange or Fair Labor Association that promote adherence to international labor standards and improve working conditions worldwide.
These organizations help to support workers’ rights and promote healthy workplaces.
When making a purchase of corporate apparel– think green– for comfort, for conscious, and for cost effectiveness. Consider doing business with your local company The Undershirt and save gas too. Check out the organic selections at

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