Belmont Shore eateries to offer tastes of their menus

The Belmont Shore Business Association (BSBA) will host its Stroll & Savor event on Wednesday, July 16 and Thursday, July 17, with over 40 restaurants offering tastes of their menus.
Foods will include baby-back pork ribs, tacos, sushi, chicken tawook, falafel, tri-tip sandwiches, fettuccine au gratin, pasta Bolognese, scampi in lobster-cream sauce and pizza. Desserts will include mini cupcakes, gelato, crepes, cookies, dessert bars and cheesecake. Some of the drinks featured will be Thai iced tea, iced green tea, iced coffee and smoothies.

Tickets can be purchased now at The Beach on 2nd, Blue Windows, Francesca’s, LaStrada, Polly’s Coffee, Salon Soma, Shore Business Center, Sweet Jill’s and in front of Chase Bank the night of event. The cost is $10 for a book of 12 tickets, which can be used both nights in same month only.
Local bands featured include:
Wednesday, July 16
Sycamore Creek at Corona & 2nd
LB Blues Army on 2nd & LaVerne
Nth at Rubio’s near Roycroft
The Curl Riders on Argonne & 2nd
Billy the Cowboy near Claremont

Thursday, July 17
Sonic Recovery at Corona & 2nd
Jim Fisk on 2nd & LaVerne
Nth at Rubio’s near Roycroft
Hound Dog Dave and the Mel-tones on Argonne & 2nd
Billy the Cowboy near Claremont

For more information, visit or call (562) 434-3066.

Source: BSBA

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