SH Council to appoint interim city clerk, treasurer

Sean Belk
Staff Writer

The Signal Hill City Council is scheduled to conduct interviews and appoint a new interim city clerk and city treasurer at its next meeting on Tuesday, July 29.
The new appointments, which both carry terms through March 3, 2015, come after former city clerk Kathleen Pacheco and former city treasurer Emerson Fersch resigned from their positions last month.
Both longtime elected city officials cited the fact that they are moving to other cities as the reason for their departures. Pacheco, who was elected nearly 20 years ago, stated that she is moving to Hemet, while Fersch, who held the position for more than 11 years, stated he is moving to Rossmoor in Orange County.

Rebecca Burleson, deputy city clerk and assistant to the city manager, said that, as of Wednesday, July 23, the City had received three applications for the city clerk position and three applications for the city treasurer position. Names of the applicants were not released before the Signal Tribune’s deadline.
Candidates were able to apply for the positions through the City’s website and were asked to submit a letter of interest. Candidates had until July 3 to apply for city clerk and until the end of the day on Thursday, July 24 to apply for city treasurer. Burleson said the new interim city officials would be sworn in at the Council Chamber the day after the next Council meeting on July 30.
During its July 1 meeting, the Council voted unanimously to appoint a new city treasurer rather than schedule a special election, which, according to city staff, would have cost the City about $55,000. The Council also voted to not make the city treasurer or the city clerk appointed positions rather than elected positions. This change would have required an election and amendment to the City Charter.
Burleson has assumed the city clerk position and finance director Terri Marsh has taken on the role of city treasurer until the appointments next week.
The duties of the city treasurer may include supplying a daily “cash flow,” signing checks on behalf of the City for such payments as vendors and electric bills, monitoring accounts payable, giving an annual report on the City’s investment portfolio, and attending Council meetings behind the dais to provide input on various topics, among other responsibilities.
According to the City’s website, the city clerk’s duties may include: administering democratic processes, including elections; arranging for ceremonial and official functions; managing public inquires and relationships; and providing access to City records and all legislative actions, which ensures transparency to the public.

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