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3 thoughts on “Wrigley residents say LA River project may edge out equestrian-trail access

  • Joe Resident

    As a resident in the area who uses the riverbed for walking / cycling I’m glad they are phasing this out. in the 1880’s I’m sure it was fine but this is no longer that world and it no longer fits in the city. If you want to own horses there are places for that lifestyle, this isn’t that place.

  • Jessica

    As a resident I remember my parents buying a horse for me at those stables, as a child it is the best thing for LONG BEACH to have, they need to keep it, I wish we could have horses instead of bikes….

  • R. Atwater

    An equestrian trail is not too hard to do really. I’m hoping we can connect the equestrian trails from griffith park, elysian park, all the way to long beach along the LA river.