Letter to the Editor: Is litter ‘in the bag?’

Regarding the litter problems at Hughes Middle School, I am so pleased that [Signal Tribune managing editor] Cory [Bilicko] met with Hughes [Middle School]’s Cathy Procopio and Diane Taylor, as well as our new school board member (and neighbor), Megan Kerr, recently! [“Commentary: Getting to the root of a local litter problem,” Aug. 1, 2014]

True, littering has always been a social problem. Even though we, as parents, and school officials do [our] best to educate kids on the merits of proper disposing of trash as well as recycling, there will always be those who just don’t care. I noticed the Pareto Principle applies to your findings just as it does to so many other issues in life.
Thanks to Cory on raising the awareness of this issue as we all like a clean environment, and a continued thanks to citizens who do care and pick up after others!

Mark Hawkins
Bixby Knolls

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