LB politicians bike for health

Bike dayMembers of the Long Beach City Council staff rode their bikes to work May 17 to support better air quality as part of the Metro Transit Authority’s Bike to Work Day.
Pictured at right are 2nd District Chief of Staff Broc Coward and administrative assistant Heather Burke, 4th District Chief of Staff Bridget Sramek, and 9th District Chief of Staff Jonda Matrone.
Coward, Burke and Matrone started in Orange County then met up with Sramek at Second and Clark streets. They rode into the Metro Station on First Street, where they met up with officials from Long Beach Transit and MTA.
Rhey Lee, legislative deputy to Vice Mayor Bonnie Lowenthal, took a bus from Torrance and biked the rest of the way while 5th District neighborhood liaison Matthew McHale rode to the Neighborhood Office on Studebaker Road. The group plans to ride to work a couple times a month.

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