On June 26, the Signal Tribune asked readers what they knew about the event pictured above. Wine Country proprietor Randy Kemner responded, saying:
I don’t know where the ceremonial ribbon cutting attended by my father, former Councilman Paul Kemner, and his council colleagues Tom Denham and William Mendenhall is taking place, but I’ll venture a guess. The woman on the right looks like Kathleen Brady, who served as Signal Hill’s beloved librarian. In the 1960s, the Signal Hill Library was moved from the City Hall second floor to the basement where the planning department now resides, and this picture may be the dedication of the opening of the new library. I was reminded by Neena Strichart that the cherub-faced fellow on the left was Congressman Craig Hosmer, which leaves the grandmotherly lady in the middle. Could it be Gertrude Beebe, the city’s long-time treasurer and city clerk? Or Nellie Combelleck, another council veteran from a former time?

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