Sweet Treasures Home shares 10 tips for getting green

Submitted by Sweet Treasures Home

Shop Locally. When you shop locally you’re doing your community and your environment a favor. You will support your local retailer and decrease the environmental cost from shipping and car emissions. You will also save money by not using as much gas.
Buy Vintage. Buying vintage and secondhand is great for many reasons. Some being that you will have a mixture of unique pieces that are constructed well and built to last. You will also save natural resources used in manufacturing new pieces. Buying vintage can also help put money in your pocket by having a resale value.
Reuse Vintage Items. The second of the Rs is reuse, which sometimes is forgotten because of the focus on recycling. Reusing or Repurposing an item is the most fun and gratifying of them all. Many items can be repurposed for a new function or freshened up with a new coat of paint.
Repurpose Vintage Items. There are so many things that can be repurposed for different functions that we cannot name them all but we can give you a few ideas. Use vintage bottles and teacups as unique vases. Look at our selection of Vintage decanters that we reused as a decorative way to hold your bubble bath. Vintage china is a fun way to decorate your walls or your table. Affordability is the most important thing.
Tea Towels vs. Paper Towels. You can save the environment one stroke at a time. It is very easy to switch from using paper towels for your everyday cleaning to using tea towels. Tea towels come in a variety of designs so they are definitely a design statement and are inexpensive.
Mug Shots. Coffee drinkers, find the perfect mug and buy it. You can even buy a vintage one if that is more your style but it is a lot better than cluttering up your environment with all the coffee disposables.
Unique Packaging. Using packaging for gifts that will not go to waste is the trend. It is not only healthy for the environment but it will also help your gift stand out from the crowd. Look at reusing gift bags, wrapping gifts in vintage scarves or fabric, and using vintage suitcases in replace of boxes. Use items that will be reused and not filed in the round filing cabinet.
Make It Last. It is important to buy quality products so that in the long run you are not throwing money away from replacing it and adding to the landfill. Using glass bowls, cooking ware, and glass jars for storage can be one way to start.
BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag). Say no to plastic and paper bags and yes to totes.
Give Vintage Linens A New Look. Using vintage linens to create a unique and relaxing feel in your bedroom is key to the reusing movement.
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