LB Gas, Oil Department preps for PCH pipeline improvement

The Long Beach Gas and Oil Department (LBGO) and their contractor ARB Inc. will begin the Pacific Coast Highway natural gas pipeline improvement project with construction starting July 21 and finishing in December. The project will extend from Long Beach Boulevard to Loma along PCH with a number of side branches.
The project will improve the reliability, integrity and capacity of the aged natural gas pipelines (installed in the 1930s) serving this neighborhood. This project is part of a six-year strategic infrastructure improvement plan in the natural gas system. This project is one of ten projects citywide that will be installed this year as part of this plan.
The project scope includes installing approximately 20,000 feet of new polyethylene (plastic) natural gas main pipeline and about 200 new service pipelines to the homes. Individual residents will only have construction work in front of their homes for a short period of time. If construction blocks a driveway, LBGO/ARB can provide temporary access in an emergency. Instead of digging long trenches, LBGO/ARB personnel will minimize surface disruptions by digging small holes and then drilling horizontally underground to install the pipelines. During construction, certain streets, alleys and curbside parking will be closed to accommodate construction personnel and equipment. LBGO/ARB will do everything possible to minimize these temporary traffic and parking restrictions.
LBGO/ARB project personnel will be distributing individual letters to affected residents in the coming weeks. These letters will give more information on contacts in case there are issues. Also LBGO/ARB personnel will “knock and notify” each home the day before actual construction starts on that individual property.
For more information, call (562) 570-2000.

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