Signal Hill Public Works gives its tips to save water in the garden

The Signal Hill Public Works Department has shared the following tips for maintaining a drought-resistant garden:

watering-can.jpg• Group plants that naturally grow together and use about the same amount of water you normally would.
• Plant trees. Trees help to lower air and soil temperatures, reducing plant and soil moisture loss.
• Allow children to play in the sprinklers only when you are also watering the lawn.
• Water early in the day when it is cool. This will also prevent fungus from growing.
• Trickle irrigation and drip irrigation systems help reduce water use and meet the needs of the plants.
• Cover garden beds with a layer of mulch (e.g. bark, hay, wood chips) to keep weeds down, control ground temperature and reduce the need for water.
• Windbreaks, such as fences, protect plants and soil from wind to reduce evaporation.

For more information, call the City of Signal Hill Public Works Department at (562) 989-7351.

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